GhostBed vs. Purple Mattress Review (UPDATED)

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Trying to decide between the GhostBed and Purple mattresses? Well, we’re here to make it an easy choice!

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0:00 GhostBed vs Purple Mattress Overview
0:29 Mattress Similarities
1:02 Mattress Differences
1:43 Construction Comparison
3:18 Firmness And Feel
4:08 Sleeping Positions
5:16 Pressure Map
5:38 Motion Transfer and Edge Support
6:20 Who Should Get The GhostBed Mattress?
6:53 Who Should Get The Purple Mattress?
7:24 Mattress Unboxing
7:59 Wrap-up

The GhostBed and Purple are both great mattresses, but they are going to be better for different types of people.

The GhostBed is firmer and should be a better match for stomach sleepers who need more support. Also, if you prefer a mattress with a bouncy, balanced foam feel, the GhostBed is the way to go.

If you are a side sleeper, you should feel better pressure relief on the Purple mattress. Also, if you are a hot sleeper and need an extra-cooling mattress, the Purple should be the right choice.

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