Best Pillow Top Mattress 2021 – Our Top 6 Beds!

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If you love the feel of a plush pillow top, we’ve got 6 mattresses just for you! We’re here to chat about the best pillow top mattresses.

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0:00 Best Pillow Top Mattress Overview
1:15 Best Firm Mattress
2:01 Best Plush Mattress
2:49 Best Hybrid Mattress
3:31 Best Pillow Top For Hot Sleepers
4:26 Best Eco-friendly Mattress
5:04 Best Mattress For Heavy People
5:47 Are pillow top mattresses any good?
6:03 Are pillow top mattresses better than memory foam?
6:21 How long will a pillow top mattress last?
6:34 Wrap-up

These are all great pillow top mattresses, but they still have their differences. If you are looking for a pillow top mattress with firmness options, take a look at the Saatva and WinkBed.

If you want a hybrid mattress with a soft pillow top, the DreamCloud Premier should work for you. Want something more natural? Consider the Avocado and Birch latex mattresses. Lastly, heavier people should take a look at the supportive Saatva HD.

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